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The Leader in Agribusiness and Training

FarmKonnect Institute for Data and Agribusiness Studies is established with the intent of increasing knowledge and skills acquisition of stakeholders in the demand and supply sides of the agricultural value chain. Our focus is to help businesses, individuals and government to capture inherent values in data and insights towards tailored value delivery to stakeholders in the demand and supply sides of the agricultural value chain


FIDAS is an offshoot of FarmKonnect Agribusiness Nigeria, an Agricultural Real Estate company that seeks to contribute immensely to food security and nutrition through Agricultural real estate of modern technologies and methodologies. Studies have shown that despite the expansion of the data economy as a major course for development in the world, lack of quality research, poor data management system and scarcity of data experts among other factors constitute the major setbacks to Africa’s food and agribusiness sector. Therefore, FIDAS was established to bridge frictions in Africa’s food and agribusiness sector and increase value to stakeholders through reliable and relatable insights and data-conscious people


To enable ability and capability of using data and insights in the demand and supply sides of agricultural value chain towards sustainable food security in Africa


To enhance the use of smart processes, people and technologies for data and insights generation that help stakeholders make informed decision toward responsible production and achieving food security in Africa by 2030 and beyond

Core values

Professionalism: Competence is a necessity in all of the agricultural value chains. Thus, raising a generation of young, passionate and professional farmers is very instrumental to development of the sector

Smartness: Smart work is the ability to deploy technology to get things done rather than depending on sweat. This ability is a major driver of quality, efficiency and innovation. The industry needs smarter farmers not necessarily more farmers

Innovation: Innovation is the source of progress. Without it, livelihoods contract and prosperity declines.

Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship is a way to improve standards of living and create wealth, by driving change with innovation, where new and improved products enable new markets to be developed.

Sustainability: The food and agribusiness sector can operate at optimum capacity with sustainable food production and consumption.

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