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The Potential of Heliculture in Nigeria

Snail is a member of the mollusk family popularly known for its dietary and nutritional value but is also a source of raw materials to the non-food industries, particularly the cosmetic, construction and pharmaceuticals. Heliculture, the

Building a Business That Endures: Why Cash Flow is Overrated!

Not a few business owners give precedence to cash flow in the day-to-day operations of their businesses. This is understandably so, especially given the popular notion that businesses are out to make money and keep an impressive financial record. But is cash flow all there is about building a sustainab

Agritech Investment Climate in the Post-Covid Africa

Since 2015, there has been an increase in the number of agritech start-ups in Africa that provide digital solutions to the myriads of challenges facing farmers in the continent. Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria have been described as the major contributing countries to the growth of digital farming in Africa, the trio accounting for 60 percent of the act

Environmental Implication of Cassava Production

Cassava is the main crop grown in Africa on a wet weight basis. Nigeria is the world’s largest cassava-producing country, turning out around 50 million tonnes

Big Data Ecosystem in Agriculture

In the agriculture industry, there has been evidence of a new awakening in the way farmers could grow crops, rare animals, and produce foods. Major developments in the industry have been possible due to the growing application of big data and digital technologies among practitioners. Through this innovation, agricultural success stories no longer have to depend on having favourable nat

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